New York , and Tanzania, Africa


Plot Summary

  • The chapter opens in the doctor’s office, Iris has survived the shooting with just an injury to the shoulder.
  • Edwin tells Pearl that Vincent is in danger. They decode an assignment brief revealing that he was sent to Africa on a mission by the Golden Mean, to meet an archeologist named Dr Meeks, and retrieve ‘The Artifact’.
  • Pearl and Edwin fly to Africa, and find Vincent’s plane shot down, surrounded by evidence he was abducted. Chaos Veil initials are drawn in the sand.
  • They follow footprints to an excavation site and find crates full of ancient relics on the way to being shipped to Rome by the Chaos Veil. They then see a coded message from Vincent in charcoal letting them know that he is unharmed.
  • They reach the Olduvai Monolith and find Dr Meeks tied up and booby-trapped. Pearl removes one of the wires on the timer hoping that it was the right one to deactivate the bomb…

Key Clues

  • Assignment Brief (Doctor’s Office)
  • Crate Label (Excavation Site)
  • Photo of Monolith (The Tent)

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