Artemis Island, Rome & Vatican City


Plot Summary

  • Pearl visits Edwin’s laboratory. He tells her that the Seraph they brought back from Africa has opened its eyes, and that since; odd sounds waves have been detected in Rome and Vatican City.
  • Pearl and Father André fly to Rome to investigate. Using a sound detector they can see that the waves are coming from beneath the Vatican.
  • They set out to explore the secret archives beneath the Vatican, when the sound detector mysteriously disappears. Luckily, a cat they’ve befriended along the way, leads them to the source of the sounds.
  • They find the sounds coming from a male seraph in a vault in the secret archives. They also see that Edwin had the female seraph delivered to the vault – to complete the pair.
  • When the statues are reunited, they begin to speak in ancient Greek… that Father André understands to be the long lost coordinates to Atlantis.

Key Clues

  • Portable sound detector (Edwin’s laboratory)
  • Currency Exchange Receipt (Vatican Interior)
  • Ring of Keys (Entrance to Archives)
  • Golden Mean Crown (Secret Archives)

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