Rome, Italy


Plot Summary

  • Father André tells Pearl that the search for Atlantis is her Grandfather’s quest in life. That Edwin believes the city to be incredibly technologically advanced and that finding it could change the world. Pearl is keen to get the coordinates to him.
  • Pearl realizes that something is wrong, she cannot find her plane keys or her passport... Father André has been working for the Chaos Veil all along! Now he has the coordinates, he abandons Pearl.
  • Pearl and Phantom manage to follow Father André to the church of Saint Yves. He meets Léon to tell him that the Seraph has been destroyed and that he’s sure Pearl won’t remember the coordinates. They plan to set sail to Atlantis from Athens in ‘The Seadragon’.
  • Pearl and Phantom return to the Pride of Bakersfield and Pearl begins to hotwire the plane when Léon appears and sets it on fire.

Key Clues

  • Chaos Veil Coins (Pantheon)
  • Father André’s Handkerchief & Bible with Prayer Card (Trevi Fountain)
  • Léon’s Necklace (Church Exterior)
  • Oil Soaked rag (Church Interior)
  • Blueprint of the Seadragon Submarine (Various)

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