Paris, France and Moscow, Russia.


Plot SummaryEdit

  • Pearl arrives in Paris to see Luc. Luc wants to spend some quality time with Pearl but she’d prefer to continue looking for Léon and so they review the evidence from his cottage.
  • Luc introduces Pearl to Klaus Weber, an Interpol agent monitoring Soviet activity in Russia.
  • They find relics bearing the symbol of the Russian Tsars, and a photo of Admiral Kolchak. Klaus mentions that Kolchak supported the Tsar before the revolution, and according to legend, hid a large amount of gold somewhere. They wonder if Léon could be looking for this gold.
  • Klaus has arranged for Pearl to meet one of his informants in Moscow. Luc and Pearl go together, but when they are waiting at Red Square, Marina shows up. Pearl tells Marina that she thinks Léon is after Kolchak’s gold. Luc thinks it’s a big mistake telling her this information.
  • They are lead to St Basil's Cathedral where they find Admiral Kolchak's ID Card and a second gold coin with the double headed eagle symbol - the gold exists.
  • Marina then places Pearl and Luc under arrest!

Key CluesEdit

  • Double Headed Eagle Brooch
  • Photo of Admiral Kolchak
  • Kolchak’s ID card & Gold coin

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