Toledo, Spain – Casablanca, Morocco


Plot SummaryEdit

  • Pearl and Klaus become increasingly fond of one another, and increasingly suspicious of Captain Vogel. They wonder if he could be a member of the Chaos Veil and have an investigator look into his activities.
  • Before preparing for a takeoff after a stop in Morocco, they realize the captain is missing. A message from him arrives, asking for help - he was on his way to an orphanage to deliver a new anti-malaria drug when his vehicle became stuck in a ditch on the way. This explains his recent behavior and Pearl and Klaus go to help him.
  • They deliver the medicine to the orphanage together and Pearl promises to help Vogel’s efforts further in the future. Vogel announces that they now have an appointment with the president of the USA!

Key CluesEdit

  • Religious Medal
  • Empty Medicine Bottle
  • Message from Captain Vogel

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