Various locations in China


Plot SummaryEdit

  • Pearl, Akira and Thomas are anxious after narrowly escaping the Green Dragons. The poison gas they were attacked with has aggravated Thomas’ lungs and they take him to a nearby hospital.
  • At the hospital they see Iris. She has no idea how she got there; the last thing she remembers is jumping ship to escape a Green Dragon boat.
  • Pearl, Akira and Iris go to the police for help but find them to be little use – perhaps they are too scared, perhaps they have even been infiltrated by the Green Dragons or Chaos Veil.
  • Iris suggests that they have hidden the sacred sword to provoke a Pacific war. They search for clues to where the sword might be hidden and set sail aboard a Sampan in search of the hiding place.
  • A storm hits the ship and washes them up on an island that luckily, is the one they were searching for. They find a kind of treasure trove containing evidence of both the Green Dragons and the Chaos Veil. Are they the same people?
  • They manage to reclaim the sword from the treasure trove and leave the island by boat.

Key CluesEdit

  • Patient Chart
  • Sampan Paperweight
  • Photo of Iris & Akira

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