Various locations in Greece, Croatia & Slovenia


Plot SummaryEdit

  • After escaping Apollo’s Temple, Pearl, Marina, Ignatius and Klaus have fled to Athens. They become increasingly concerned for Edwin’s safety in the enemies’ hands and consider the possibility that he is being held in a mountain fortress they’ve heard legend of.
  • They travel to Ioannina and from talking to Ignatius, discover that the Chaos Veil’s history and motives are more complex than first thought. Ignatius also explains that Luc was merely a puppet for the Chaos Veil, and not a true ‘mastermind’. He then leaves them abruptly.
  • Marina also leaves Pearl and Klaus alone for a little while giving Klaus a moment to declare his love for Pearl.
  • In Zagreb, Marina spots a man with a Green Dragon tattoo. They follow him and he leads them to the legendary Chaos Veil fortress in Grad Predjama.
  • They manage to find a way into the fortress and see Edwin kneeling before the Chaos Veil Council… Ignatius tells Pearl that she too, must go before them.

Key CluesEdit

  • Greek Box
  • Winged Dragon
  • Photo of Grad Predjama

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