Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia (Then Yugoslavia)


Plot SummaryEdit

  • In the Chaos Veil fortress, Pearl, Marina and Klaus ask Edwin what on earth is going on. He tells them that the council has pleaded with him for the Golden Mean to join forces with Chaos Veil to fight the Green Dragons.
  • Suddenly, there is an attack on the fortress forcing the group to find a place to hide in the Postojna caves. They fear that the council is being taken over by the Green Dragons, and Edwin decides to go and alert the Golden Mean immediately.
  • Pearl, Marina and Klaus head to Ljubljana, where they were supposed to re-group with Edwin . Clues then point them to Croatia, and then Sarajevo.
  • Ignatius meets them, deeply troubled by the past and his hand in events. In the Bell Tower, Sarajevo; Pearl, Marina, Klaus and Ignatius find themselves under attack again. They manage to use the bell to damage the stairway and escape down the scaffolding.
  • At the end of the chapter, Ignatius begs to be left to perish, along with the hope of the world.

Key CluesEdit

  • Erazem's Book
  • Flute
  • Funeral Photo

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