New Zealand & Artemis Island


Plot SummaryEdit

  • Iris and Vincent come around, and they realize that tragically, Agnes must have been under Ryūjin’s spell all along. They need to leave the scene quickly and fly to New Zealand for safety.
  • They fear what will happen next - what Ryūjin will do to find the Vril, and what he'll do when he has it. They find a way back to Artemis Island and look for clues to the final Vril site.
  • They are led to Arcadia Isle and the Golden Temple of Hope. They know that Ryūjin’s greed will lead him there too and prepare for a final confrontation.
  • Iris senses that the Vril is close and they locate it in the Antechamber. Ryūjin arrives... thinking on her feet, Pearl demolishes the temple trapping him and the Vril inside.
  • Pearl emerges from the jungle... they’ve won.

Key CluesEdit

  • Outrigger Canoe
  • Olympic Torch
  • Ryūjin

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