Artemis Island


Plot SummaryEdit

  • On Artemis Island, Edwin has made a remarkable recovery after Ryūjin's death. Ryūjin was able to channel the Vril’s energy into a sort of ‘psychic poisoning’ causing Edwin’s coma.
  • With Iris in Los Angeles pursuing her career, and Klaus reporting back to Interpol, Pearl is left alone. She visits some sentimental spots on the island and contemplates recent events. Who will be the next Ryūjin and what will the next war be about? Will the Chaos Veil regroup? What will happen next?
  • Vincent says goodbye before leaving for work in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Pearl goes to talk with Edwin... he’s received a coded message via the Golden Mean. It’s from Ignatius - he’s alive and in Mexico City!

Key CluesEdit

  • Photo Album
  • Yin-Yan Ball
  • Wallace Tartan Shawl

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