Plot SummaryEdit

  • Pearl, Edwin and Thomas travel to Mexico. Pearl is skeptical about the message, but when they arrive at the university, Ignatius is there! He apologizes for faking his death, but explains that it was necessary for him to continue with his ‘plans’ undetected.
  • He tells them he’s received an Ultio Sigil: a vow of vengeance used within ancient societies.
  • Edwin hears word from Artemis Island that there has been a break-in on the estate. A gardener was killed and an old safe-box was taken. Only Léon, Pearl, Vincent, and Thomas knew about the box... Who has the vendetta?
  • A mysterious package then arrives for Edwin. Inside, there’s a jack in the box holding a photo of Iris and a sinister message. They need to get to Chicago quick to find her.

Key CluesEdit

  • University Crest
  • Rune Stone
  • Jack in the Box

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