Algeria & Brazil


Plot SummaryEdit

  • Leya is becoming increasingly anxious that they are being followed so they travel incognito in a gypsy caravan to Algiers. Pearl, Leya and Marina then take a commercial flight to Brazil.
  • On arrival in Rio, tensions are rising between Marina and Leya. Leya makes a remark about the carnival and then mysteriously leaves them - saying that she’ll be back soon.
  • Marina is quite cross and continues to complain to Pearl that she does not trust Leya or the situation she’s putting them in. They find a note from Leya at the carnival telling them to continue to the rainforest.
  • In a village on the edge of the rainforest they find some eerie clues and notice that a man seems to be watching them. They retreat and go to get some supplies before heading further into the jungle, and Leya catches up with them - she says that they’ve been followed the entire time.
  • They begin to enter the trading post, and see Léon!

Key CluesEdit

  • Samba Headdress
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Newspaper

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