Austin, Texas


Plot SummaryEdit

  • Pearl and Thomas follow Klaus to San Antonio. He is on an INTERPOL mission starting in Texas, where he’ll meet both his new partner and Edwin.
  • They are looking for Elizabeth Gordon or ‘Lizzie’, Klaus’ partner, and Pearl becomes increasingly jealous. When they arrive in Austin she is nowhere to be found and it seems they’re wasting time chasing after her.
  • They go to meet Edwin in the Capitol building. Edwin begins to tell Pearl something... but she interjects to qapologize for running off with Marina and tells him that she just needs to find her own path in life. Edwin seems dejected and excuses himself.
  • Pearl wants to take her mind off things and goes to the theater with Thomas. Thomas tells her that Edwin is troubled due to the fact that the Golden Mean is being attacked from the inside.
  • Klaus arrives with Lizzie on his arm! What is Pearl to think? Lizzie says that Pearl should be grateful, that she has arrived just in time with an important piece of information...

Key CluesEdit

  • Lizzie’s message
  • Strawberry Jam
  • INTERPOL Assignment

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