Freight Train & Montreal City


Plot SummaryEdit

  • After stowing away on the freight train, Pearl, Iris and Klaus arrive in Montreal. They wonder where to start looking for the smugglers and why the smugglers would poison their own alcohol. Blackmail?
  • They head to a Speakeasy to try and question some small fish. Iris and Pearl do the talking and get a lead on Elizabeth, but when they come out of the bar they see that Klaus is missing. They find a note from Edwin telling them to go to a nearby crêperie.
  • Edwin meets them there and tells them that he now knows that the smugglers and the people stealing from the Golden Mean are definitely the same. He takes them to the Montreal Jail where they find Al Capone’s jail cell - the famous crime boss. Broken out of. He is behind everything and he has Klaus and Lizzie!

Key CluesEdit

  • Brewery Label
  • Message from the Golden Mean
  • Klaus’ Badge

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