Setting Edit

Lake Ontario and surrounding woods

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

  • Pearl is distraught that they are too late to save Klaus. Lizzie vows revenge on the mobsters, but Edwin sees Klaus move. The team finds help at a nearby lobster farm. Klaus recovers and the team decide to set a trap for the mobsters.
  • Klaus, Pearl and Lizzie set the trap in the forest while Edwin and Iris get back up from the Golden Mean. They see the smoke signal from Edwin that the mobsters are heading their way, but then nothing happens.
  • Pearl and Klaus are worried, but Lizzie, worried that some happened to Edwin, rashly rushes off on her own again. Klaus is frustrated with Lizzie, but Pearl is worried and they set off after Lizzie into the forest.
  • Pearl and Klaus find Iris and Edwin tied up. Suddenly, they are held hostage by Lizzie. Lizzie points a gun at Pearl, but Pearl grabs for the gun just as it goes off.

Key Clues Edit

  • Log
  • Warning Sign
  • Lizzie's Gloves

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