Setting Edit

Restaurant and library

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

  • Pearl and Klaus can't arrest Lizzie as she takes off by the plane and wants to expose Golden Mean. After that, Klaus accompanies Pearl to the restaurant where Edwin is there, waiting for her. Klaus wants to make a personal call for Pearl about what to do next and she agrees. Then, he leaves Pearl.
  • In the restaurant, Pearl tells Edwin that Lizzie escaped and corrupts Interpol like the Golden Mean, which makes Edwin feel loss. She has to meet Iris and Klaus for dinner in a few hours and promises to be back for Edwin.
  • Iris tells Pearl that Lizzie informed the press about her escape and Interpol's expose. Iris' news agency sends out a reporter to investigate the matter which forces Iris to leave soon, leaving only Pearl and Klaus have a dinner.
  • Klaus tells Pearl that he resigned from and no longer works for Interpol because of Lizzie's escape. Then, Pearl and Klaus go to the library to meet Edwin, but they find much paper and Edwin himself. He tells them that the Golden Mean no longer exists and disbands his family's legacy by burning the Golden Mean's flag.

Key Clues Edit

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