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Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

  • Edwin devoted his life to the Golden Mean, but he fails. It makes Pearl hurt. Pearl invites Edwin to the promenade.
  • After that, Pearl comes to the cinema too late and Klaus waits for her too long. Klaus asks her about Edwin's relation to Ignatius who resides in Cyprus.
  • Meanwhile, Iris is curious about Vincent, so she tells Pearl and Edwin she has to go to New Orleans to meet Vincent.
  • Pearl and Edwin travel to Cyprus to meet Ignatius. Ignatius insists they meet in Cyprus where Edwin started his journey.
  • Pearl, Edwin and Ignatius start the ritual and make the Warden's Lantern. It still burns as long as the Golden Mean rests. Edwin is aware and swears he will protect the Golden Mean.

Key Clues Edit

  • Old film projector
  • Message from Iris
  • Golden Mean's watermark

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