Setting Edit

Cyprus and Norway

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

  • Pearl and Edwin are happy about the Golden Mean as it rests. Pearl apologizes to Edwin and so does Edwin. They go back to Ignatius' house.
  • Ignatius asks Edwin to join an expedition to Africa because their old friend, Dr. Meeks, made a fascinating archaeological discovery. Edwin agrees and they go to Africa while Pearl stays.
  • When Pearl walks along the port at Cyprus, Leya suddenly appears. Pearl asks her about her connection to Pearl's family and Leya invites Pearl to her boat.
  • Leya reminds her about their little trip through the Brazilian Jungle while Léon and Marina were there. Leya admits Léon is her brother and Marina is her mutual friend, but Leya is worried about them, so she contacts Pearl.
  • Pearl refuses to help Leya in tracking down Léon, She knows he and Marina hate each other. Leya explains to Pearl about Marina's disappearance when Léon tried to find her.
  • Pearl and Leya arrive in the Norwegian coast and find the village where Léon found Marina's earrings. They approach carefully, but they find the village is a mess. They also find the symbol of Suomenlinna, Finland's most impregnable fortress.

Key Clues Edit

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