Setting Edit

Norway and Finland

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

  • Pearl and Leya plan to rescue Marina and Léon from Suomenlinna surreptitiously. Leya tells Pearl when Léon spent months looking, he never got close to finding her. Leya thinks it was as if Marina would vanished into thin air.
  • Pearl feels like a bad friend for not knowing Marina has been on the run. Leya tells her that the reason Marina didn't tell Pearl she was in danger is because it would have put Pearl's life in danger. They both agree they need to come up with a plan quickly to save Léon and Marina.
  • Leya explains to Pearl that it wasn't a lack of confidence in Pearl's skills that prompted Leya to suggest Klaus and Edwin help them. Leya is just concerned that she'll never see Léon again and she feels all alone. Pearl tells her that she's not alone. The two of them will always be friends, but right now Marina and Léon need their help right now.
  • Pearl is intimidated by the fortress and thinks it looks inpenetrable. She and Leya need to get inside. Pearl decides the best way is to attract the guards' attention and notices there is a cannon. The plan is to fire it at the front gates and create a distraction big enough to sneak inside.
  • Leya and Pearl sneak into the main entrance after firing a cannon at the front entrance. Léon and Marina approach them. Marina is furious that Pearl and Leya have arrived. This has ruined months of planning and the four of them decide they need to find a way out while the guards are still distracted.

Key Clues Edit

  • Russian coin
  • Silver button
  • Signpost

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