Setting Edit

Artemis Island

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

  • Pearl goes back to Artemis Island and meets her grandfather, Edwin, and Ignatius, who bless her and Klaus. Edwin also tells Pearl that Iris will be her wedding planner.
  • Iris, with Thomas' help, organizes the buffet and decoration for Pearl's wedding next day. Pearl doesn't go to rest, so she invites Iris to go to her grandmother's (Margaret's) grave.
  • At the grave, Iris tries to remember what happened to Pearl's father, Samuel. Pearl remembers and she becomes so angry and confused at the past moment, but her grandmother taught her to never lose hope. Pearl knows her grandmother is finally at the peace. Then, Pearl is ready to move on.
  • Thomas congratulates Pearl for her marriage. She and Iris go to her old bedroom to find her mother's wedding dress laid out by Thomas. Pearl tells Iris that she misses Iris and Iris will always be her best friend.
  • Pearl chooses Edwin to conduct her wedding ceremony. She really misses Edwin. Klaus and Vincent come to the wedding ceremony in Artemis Island. The wedding ceremony begins, with Edwin conducting the ceremony. Pearl and Klaus pledge to each other and kiss.
  • Several years later, Pearl is pregnant by Klaus and they have daughter named Alice.

Key Clues Edit

  • The golden necklace
  • The music box
  • Pearl's wedding dress

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