I have found the fastest way possible to play Pearl's Peril. I worked it out that if I pick up objects slowly by counting first of all to 12, pick up, then 11 and pick up etc down to 2, when I have to go as fast as I can, I can earn a medal in 2 or 3 tries. I have time to find and remember where the objects are as well, and it doesn't take forever to earn all the medals. I speed it up more by picking up half the objects to a count of 11 then the other half to a count of 12, then 11, then 10 and 11 etc. Speed it up more when you get to a count of 8. There are 12 objects to pick up then, so the counting can be split in 3. Count to 7 for 4 objects, then 8 for 8 objects then to 8 for 8 objects then 7 for all objects. etc. I am powering on!! Just keep a record of where you are up to.

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