• Is ther a list that you can see how much prestige per scenes you must have? So you can keep this in mind per level and with your money.  Thanx you

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    • I've never seen a list, and I've been playing over 2 years (finished the game in Sep).  Would be helpful for players who haven't finished to get access to one. I recall it gets to a point where you need about 100 per scene within the same chapter, and about 150 or so to contribute to opening a new chapter (in addition to completing the previous chapter's end puzzle and getting a flight crew).

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    • How do you get a flight crew? I also keep getting requests for helping people to open a new chapter? I've never seen an option for either and I'm on chapter 76.

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    • The help requests in your Inbox are for you to be part of a friend's flight crew.  As soon as you answer the message, your part is done.

      But when it's time for YOU to open a new chapter, you'll be taken to a page showing you all the requirements you must meet.  Flight Crew is the last one on the right, and it has a "hire friends" option, which opens your Friends roster.  Usually, the first friends shown are also players of the game.

      This roster naturally chooses everyone right away, including friends who are not players.  To avoid those friends getting cranky about receiving help requests, click "Unselect All" in the bottom right corner.  Once you do that, you can check only those friends you want to help you.  Once three of them respond, as you did with those in your Inbox, you will see that you can "travel" when you start to play again.

      If, after 18 to 24 hrs since your request (can't recall how long), you see that you're still short on "crew," you can request new freinds to help.

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    • I don't have that option coming up on my screen. All I get is the two boxes in the centre with "unlock next chapter" one is marked complete, the other is waiting for me to get enough prestiege points. There isn't anything else. Travel now is greyed out because I don't have the right amount of points.

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    • Yes, it is usually a 3-part process: chapter completion, prestige points and flight crew. Oh-that box on the bottom right isn't called "Unselect All" - it's called "Select None." Sorry about that.

      Don't forget to limit your purchases to items with high-point value. You don't want to run out of room on your island before you finish the game. Once you do finish, then you can sell any repeat decorations for half price and start decorating the way you want. You can also replay the game in a kind of Relaxed Mode (no worries about prestige points or hiring a flight crew).

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    • Since no one have a list. I'm going to make a list. :)

      Sometimes you can not yet move on to the next chapter but you do have enough prestige. So you don't know how many points you had to have because you have too much. but this is what I've got so far. 

      To open:  

      chapter 73 you needed :37000 prestige 

      1 : ..... prestige    2: ..... prestige    3: ..... prestige    4: 37750 prestige    5: 37850 prestige 

      Chapter 74 : 38000 prestige

      1: ...... prestige     2: 38050 prestige    3: 38150      4: 38250 prestige      5: 38350 prestige 

      Chapter 75 : 38500

      I will try to update this post every week.

      Greetz, Inger 


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    • Have received a reply from another player :) :) :)

      I have not seen a list and did not pay attention earlier in the game. Now that I am further along and play has slowed down I noticed the following...

      Each new chapter requires 500 points more than the previous, in multiples of 500,  The first scene opens at the chapter minimum.  Scene two requires 50 addition points than the chapter minimum.  Scene three requires 150 more points than the chapter minimum.  Scene four requires 250 more points than the chapter minimum.  And scene 5 requires 350 points more than the chapter minimum.  The challenge scene at the end of the chapter requires 20 badges (out of a possible 25) plus all 5 scenes played at least once,  Finally, in order to travel to the next chapter, you need 150 points more than what was required for scene 5 (which is 500 points more than the current chapter minimum).

      I hope that helps...

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    • Ch. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5

      70 36000 36050 36150 36250 36350  

      71 36500 36550 36650 36750 36850 

      72 37000 37050 37150 37250 37350 

      73 37500 37550 37650 37750 37850 

      74 38000 38050 38150 38250 38350

      75 38500 38550 38650 38750 38850

      76 39000 39050 39150 39250 39350

      77 39500 39550 39650 39750 39850

      78 40000 40050 40150 40250 40350

      79 40500 40550 40650 40750 40850 

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    • 80 41000 41050 41150 41250 41350

      81 41500 41550 41650 41750 41850

      82 42000 42050 42150 42250 42350

      83 42500 42550 42650 42750 42850

      84 43000 43050 43150 43250 43350

      85 43500 43550 43650 43750 43850

      86 44000 44050 44150 44250 44350

      87 44500 44550 44650 44750 44850

      88 45000 45050 45150 45250 45350

      89 45500 45550 45650 45750 45850

      90 46000 46050 46150 46250 46350

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    • if you play mobile you dont need a flight crew.

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    • Thanks_ I was wondering about the crew thing but play on android mobile.

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    • How many scenes does it take to earn a badge so you can unlock a clouded area?  It seems to be requiring a lot more to earn a badge to get th3 150 badges needed to unlock an area.  I am currently on level 74.  It is frustrating to play 10 scenes and no gain in badges.  Is their a caclulation?

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