• I started an adventure club, I like the members, they are kind and work together to get  the award each week.  But I am almost finished with the game. What will happen to my club. I* have had to boot people whenthey finish playing and don't quit the club, Isthere a way to turn over the club to another member? I don't want to leave them with a non-functioning club. I want to move on to the next game Alicia when I am done. I do not want to play the same game over.

    please don't friend me for this game, Like I said I am close to finishing. thank you. 

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    • I'm the leader of my club and am also close to finishing with no intention to play again. I've decided to ask the most dedicated player who also gives support and chat tips to take over. I'll tell the group that I'm disabling our group and they should all regroup with the new leader.  

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    • Looking in Pearls Peril Help/ Support; I couldn't find anything specific about the Adventure Club as to what happens to an Adventure Club team, if the founder/ creator/ president LEAVES. 
      Nothing found on; What becomes of presidents Adventure Club Name Team when they LEAVE?  Does an Adventure Club Team dissolve automatically from the community with all the members’ expelled free agents again to join other community teams or does the Adventure Club name and team remain intact with the first team member to join defaulting to being the president?

      I completed my Perils Peril game, but wanted to know what becomes of the Adventure Club Team (THE SEEKERS) if I were to LEAVE. Should I chat tab to text all the team members they need agree to create a new Adventure Team name team for all the team memeber to go join? Or no worries, the existing team will default to a new president in the member order of those who joined?

      Would have been nice if Wooga Help/ Support for Pearls Peril had included with what they did have to how the Adventure Club Teams work something to address specifically what happens when a founding team president leaves his team.  Personally, I think the first, second onward to join a team should become the default president and the team stays intact.

      As an Adventure Club Team president, had to start tracking team members quest points contributions and expel those who basically rarely to never played in order to build a team of members who could eventually complete the Adventure Quest gem point challenge amounts. Even with the higher point gem quests, we are managing them.  However, I believe most teams can not and the higher amounts will kill off a lot of teams.  I would suggest a algarythm that takes into consideration high Quest gem point challenegs leave most member depleted of resources and medium to low challenges follow.

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    • when you leave the club it automatically goes to the next person in can't pick who you the leader is number one then the 2nd in line takes over automatically or that was how it was in the old version...the new one which I just got upgraded to...does not have a button to expel anyone...can't find any information about it either...

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    • 2nd AVC I joined, indeed President did abandon higly successful team without warning or explanation.  No new players could be added and finally got down to team of 8 because we could ad or invite anyone as she left membership locked. Have all the team friend eachother on FB - that way you can communicate on messenger about the newly founded club. Sending invitations to join varies is reliablilty. Had to leave new club open for old team to join and quickly filled up with new people we didn't know. Either they quit or President must kick/delete them. So I ended up bouncing at least 4 new players. Hope this helps.  

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